Tuesday, September 28, 2010

hot pot

it's been a rough couple of weeks. i still run into people around the neighborhood who enthusiastically shout at me across the street: "HOW WAS ICELAND!?!?!?"

I murmur expletives and quickly hobble in the other direction, my hair suddenly a little more frazzeled, my gait taking on a bit of a witches limp. Oy vey.

Fact is, Iceland feels like 3 years ago. The chaos of September hit hard and fast as soon as we got back. As I sit here digging my way out of estimates, paperwork and unresolved new soap packaging I remember this natural hot spring we found near Patreksfjordor. It was farther away from everything and anything you could ever imagine. It was like being at the edge of the world.

that's all.

actually that's not all - remember my vetiver soap? the one that was all done and figured out? a certain set of chocolate crafting siblings went ahead and bought out all the paper i needed to release it for fall 2010. so we're back to the drawing board. i should get a candy bar or something for my trouble.


DM said...


but the hot springs sound heavenly!

Anonymous said...

i want that. i need that.
i'm buying a ticket right now. can you teach flower school by yourself on sunday?

jenna@sweetfineday said...

I want to be there right now. And lol at the chocolate siblings taking all the paper. (i mean, it's not funny for you, it's....oh, never mind)

Mackenzi said...

Ah no! We just got our first shipment of your (amazing) new Vetiver Soap into the shop, and I LOVE the paper. You should march right on over to Williamsburg and get that paper back.