Friday, August 20, 2010

looking for figs in brooklyn, flowers, cat


Yes, I made corn fritters this morning with mint and figs (fresh from my friends backyard. because apparently that happens, fig trees in NYC back yards - it's not just a myth) and it turns out that this is not the best combination - or that the mint will be omitted next time, perhaps substituted for another herb - or maybe i'll just leave it alone. Although corn fritters could go in the other direction - sour cream and chives. We'll see..


Anyway this is partially about a pretty breakfast that turned out to be sort of "meh" and partially about the fact that these figs in Jen's backyard are exactly what I NEED for an event next week - 100 of them to be exact. SO! Here's where you come in...if you have a fig tree in your backyard that's an overproducer lets trade flowers and or soap for those puppies. These fresh figs are lighter in color - more dusty grape than the inky purple - the later of which are found in food stores shipped from Califonia this time of year.


Also this is Shapesh, or "Poppers" who was staying with us last week. A little puddle of cat.



Marley said...

That bouquet is the most beautiful thing I have every seen. Just amazing.

jenna said...

someone from my office brought in the most beautiful little bowl of figs straight from his yard in brooklyn last week - who knew?

and i don't even have anything to SAY about those flowers.

Anonymous said...

I don't know you, yet I think you are perfect!

samantha ramage said...

what a cute kitty shot! love it!


Anonymous said...

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L A M A R T I N É said...

what great roses....last week i got a delivery of garden roses and the smell of them were so just can't order a standard rose afterwards and feel like a real florist ya know?

duckfeather said...

you might try thyme in the fritters... i once made a fig jam with port, thyme, and black pepper that was so good i'm still not convinced i made it. add a little honeyed goat cheese, and... well. you can guess.

Lilly & You said...

you are the 21st century Rachel Ruysch.

Please do something about the boring arrangements on the west coast. :)