Thursday, July 1, 2010


ate a good homemade meal, waiting for eric to come home.
he builds a terrarium out of old windows for the weekend. i get up for seconds..


tonight i'm annoyed suddenly by triteness, and people in general.

i get up and drizzle some truffle oil over my salad for kicks. which reminds me - of course - of aaron.

his birthday is tomorrow! we met, and then met again several years later. comparing the two times we knew each other and were friends is like comparing your life before and after puberty...or before you knew what irony was. something like that..


aaron likes green and gold together, and big jewelry. he likes to be comfortable and talk about deep shit or whatever. he likes me, and i feel very very very lucky for that. he's also a fantastic dancer. and a reasonable cook. and he's moving back to ny so that he can keep company with eric and me again. isn't that great news?! no, it's not, because i just made that up. so it's no news.


Jo said...

What the? I was going to be so excited for you that he was moving back. Dang. I guess not.

garnet said...

he also likes ignoring certain friends that used to provide copious amounts of pate and grass.

i am just really grumpy today i guess.

BY THE WAY, loved that pic of you with short hair. it really suited you.

Anonymous said...

I will appear to you in a dream in exactly seventeen days, wearing a headdress of a color and make inilluminable to the human eye and sense of style, respectively. Three days after my appearance, you must begin to spread my message to all the citizens of New Jersey, starting with the cast of Jersey Shore. Yours is a dangerous task but in the dream I will swear an oath to protect you with a mother's vengeance.
And remember, the grass man is only your "expeditor."

Aaron said...

Thank you for a moving tribute. I'll see you soon.

Nicole Milman said...

You just make me laugh so much. love the posts and pics!

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