Sunday, May 30, 2010

hey begonia, loveyou

On a day off I wake up incredibly cranky. By 11am I've cleaned all the dead flowers out of the apartment, dusted, tended to my plants,* planned dinner, answered emails and feel incredibly unsatisfied. What am I going to do today?? I apply sunscreen. Consider walking down to fairway to return a moldy yogurt. It's probably crowded. Forget it. It's probably full of people buying hot dogs and charcoal and elbowing each other at the olive bar. Children screaming, strollers. Maybe I could buy a bike. I peruse craigslist for all of two minutes and decide it's not worth it. I want a bike right now, this second. If I had one, I'd consider riding it to Court Street to buy some roasted artichoke hearts at Caputo's. Their probably closed anyway. Damnit!!


Eric reminds me that a day off is supposed to be lazy. We eat a boiled egg.

*lets hear it for this little begonia, a testament to my talent for coxing desperate plants back from the edge. he's thriving, and we're just so proud


jen said...

Yes! Buy a bike! I just moved to the Netherlands -- home to more bikes than people, not to mention insanely gorgeous flowers. I ditched the car, bought a "grandma" bike (like sitting in a chair) and now I feel so free!!!!!

Laura said...

Word. I feel you. Especially about Fairway.

shellie said...

your place looks so pretty...maybe you could show more pictures of it in the future! hope your day turned out better!

couture fashion said...

Okay, I suggest next time take a look at your dog and learn how to be happy doing nothing.

poulami said...

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rüya tabirleri said...

your place looks so pretty...maybe you could show more pictures of it in the future! hope your day turned out better!

Anonymous said...

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