Wednesday, March 17, 2010


sample for Penelope

Here's another peachy number made as a little sample for a june bride...
We're running just as fast as we can this week. I'm off to see L'etoile tonight. I just got a nice comment from Lily in Joshua Tree saying that everyone there smells like geranium and Frankincense thanks to Saipua. Made my day...and you will love her blog, bigBang Studio.

I've always wanted to go to Joshua Tree, and someday when I do - I'm bringing a box of soap.


k12 education said...

Very, very beautiful! I can't stop looking. There is so many amazing photos on your blog!

Jo said...

You break my heart. Such beauty.

bigBANG studio said...

damnit, FRANKY-SENSE, not MYRRH! i always get my three wise men's accoutrement mixed up.

so, you're the cutest. and i'm not kidding about joshua tree smelling wonderful because of you; there's this little rad gallery and shop in joshua tree called the mt. fuji general store and they stock up on saipua soap, and it's treated like bars of gold out here. i gave everyone saipua soap for christmas, and we all think it's the bombest.

and my mummy and sisters want to sign up for one of your classes. and now we wish we'd known about you when my huz and i got married on the farm in princeton. alas. i have three sisters, all with the possibility of wedlock in their futures, so we shall just have to be patient, you and i.

thanks for the swell mention; you made MY day.


Patty said...

Oh that's beautiful, my sister is getting married in June and this is a perfect idea thanks!

D said...

I'm SO into coincidences. I have a florist near me. Name? Mount Fuji. They have THE best arrangements here in RI---NO JOKE. Thanks to bigBANG studio, I think I hafta buy more soap from you....NOW. Do you have an ETA on the basil?

Stacy said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and realized I bought your Saltwater Soap at Mt. Fuji while I was in Joshua Tree last January.

My husband and I were on a road trip (from Vancouver, Canada) and the ride home was so much more pleasant with the scent of your soap emanating from our pack.

Cindy said...

So pretty. Can't wait for mine to grow.

Sunny Verma said...

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design devotee said...

Oy Sarah! That arrangement made me gasp (really and truly) It is SOOO BEAUTIFUL! Doesn't hurt that the photography is really good too.

I wish I was 20 years younger and could change careers easily, I would move to NY and become your unpaid apprentice. You are truly an artist.
Okay, that's enough semi-stalking language. Sometimes you just gotta say how great it is.

Anonymous said...

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