Wednesday, February 17, 2010

WELCOME TO, the home of thriving houseplants!!!

We'll make your foliage family healthy and happy again by teaching your the basics of soaking terra-cotta-potted plants in the bathtub. No special equipment required! Once you start soaking terra cotta, you'll never look back!

Just follow these two simple steps:

Step 1. Fill the tub with approx. 4 inches of water
Step 2. Put in your terra cotta planted pots in the water

Got it? Let's recap:
Ya fill the tub - you put in your plants! Presto, waterlogged terracotta pots that help your plants stay moist in a dry apartment. Watch your plants come back to life! I say "Ressurect" sweet maidenhair fern! "Overcome" begonia tigress!! It's like sparkly voodoo houseplant magic!!!


[We have to thank Amy's dad for this horticulture tip, but all rights to imagery involving plants in bathtubs with unicorns and lightning bolts are registered trademarks of, a website that is actually still available, believe it or don't]


Liane said...

that unicorn is missing his, whaddya call those, pointy antler things. my god. i need some memory vitamins.

Unknown said...

You crack me up! I love this - your bedazzlement really adds that extra something.

unsure of the name of the antler thingy too, but I happen to know that it is the source of it's magical power (I went to college after all).

Amanda said...

Oh my God, you're hilarious! Now all you need to do is market some kind of bathtub for this and you'd have a bonafide As-Seen-on-TV infomercial!

Liane said...

come to find out it's that ever elusive word 'horn'.

Nicole Milman said...

this is hysterical! and informative :)

Oh My! Floral said...

this is disturbing.

Mlle Paradis said...

too funny and so helpful too! but can i wear my snuggie doing it?

jenny said...

It makes me want to scream "TESTIFY!" Unicorns, ferns and tub water, oh my!

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garnet said...

gurl, u giv gud face.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen lightning bolts and unicorns and terracotta combined in such an inspired way. kudos to you, saipua peeps!

never sent said...

i love your blog!!!