Monday, December 14, 2009

monday, 11:07 pm

Been playing with kumquats this week. Getting prepped for our January Citus Workshop at LFS University. These photos are from an order for a holiday party - used kumquats, agapanthus, yellow cypress, hinoki cypress, ligurstrum, lucadendron, lisianthus, ranuncula, bronia, and peonies from down under. Smells really good - citrus and cypress. [New soap lightbulb just went off...]

Also been working on photographing all our soaps again for our new website which we're launching tomorrow (fingers crossed). Here's the Lemon Geranium.


Megan Dempsey said...

Set my heart a flutter! How pretty and organic looking.

marie said...

another great one! very nice soap package :)

erin said...

just what i needed to see tonight. lovely as ever.

Manreet Deol said...

The scent palette of your soaps is stunning... each scent is so pure and clear... you should make more products !

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design devotee said...

Freaking GORGEOUS!

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