Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Just back from the Famisans in Newport News, VA. A long relaxing weekend with family and some time to cruise the stripmalls and Colonial Williamsburg. Highlights to come.
Meanwhile, I'm tending to unhappy houseplants and an overgrown kombucha colony.

and now, a little culture:
A terrific short story by Joshua Ferris.
Nite Jewel.


jezebel said...

some of the best thrifting i've ever done was in colonial williamsburg.

laughtrack said...

Eric, is that contact paper with cats *and* monkeys?

DM said...

aw man i love nite jewel!

Amber said...

okay so i live in Newport News and when I first saw this picture, I did a double take. Also, isn't it sad I live in Newport News? It is strip mall heaven.

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