Thursday, November 19, 2009

A city hall bouquet for a lovely lady named Sarah...the last of the tree peonies.

It's a grey morning here in Red Hook. Eric is away on business, and I get the place to myself. The coffee pot just shut off. Automatic timer. The end of an era lasting from around 9:30 - 11:10am.

The dog is sulking in the other room. Unusual. I get full command of Eric's stereo system. Dark Night of the Soul by Sparklehorse. Then Sixto Rodreguez.



Rebecca said...

gorgeous--I think tree peonies are one of my faves. hands down.

MirandaJ said...

Where did Eric get The Dark Night of the Soul? I can't figure out where to buy the music.

Sarah Ryhanen said...

it was streaming on npr a ways back, you probably can't find it anymore b/c there was a copywrite issue i believe.