Friday, October 16, 2009

S**t has gotten serious, cause i think i ate the last tomato sandwich of the season this week. it was so ridiculously good, I took a photo with my phone, and you know how I feel about bloggers and breakfasts, etc - but this was lunch.

it was a yellow tomato. yellow Hawaiian something or other.

i don't feel i need to share with you a "recipe" per se for said sandwich, but we should be clear about the necessity of Hellmans, a red onion, Munster cheese (Sweet Munchie cheese* also acceptable in certain cases) and copious amounts of fresh ground pepper.

*it exists, that is, a cheese called sweet munchie. in fact i had to drag a friend to the deli counter in fairway the other day to convince her. Eric actually has a song that goes with this cheese, it goes something like this:

"AH! Munchie, Mon chi chi..mon chi chi, monchi munchi cheese!"
Not to be confused with the jingle associated with the popular Monchhichi doll made by Mattel during the 1980's. perhaps you still have your Monchhichi doll, and he lives happily with all the other members of your stuffed animal family in a decorative dragnet** that hangs for the ceiling of your childhood bedroom. frozen. in. time.

**thanks for that amy.


Jo said...

Why, oh why, have they not figured out how to have amazing tomatoes all year round?

Jennifer said...

I love your blog.
You are hilarious.

And your arrangements are gorgeous.
Talented, talented lady.

cevd said...

i've been eating tomato sandwiches like crazy for the past week. the season lasts longer in california but not long enough, never long enough!