Tuesday, June 30, 2009

SOS!!! Saipua needs a web/tech person

We're so lucky to have so many neat people who work with us and hang with us.
Now we need someone to lend tech/web support.
This person would:

- be able to do a light overhaul (is that oxymoronic? is oxymoronic a word? no, it is not.) of our current site saipua.com
- know how to manage the "shopping cart" feature for our website
- possibly set up the site so that I can make quick updates
- help us configure a network in the new saipua headquarters
- lend expert computer knowledge in general
- preferably live in NYC
- be efficient and able to start this project RIGHT AWAY

This person would be paid by the hour whatever the fair going rate is for this stuff.
If this is you, please email me at sarah[at]saipua.com with some info about yourself

Please spread the word if you know someone! THANKS!!!!!!!!

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L A M A R T I N É said...

wait are those your name tags? {how cute} they kinda look like the ones on family feud ;)