Thursday, June 4, 2009


risto bimbiloski - beautiful clothes, brilliant photography

I got turned onto Risto Bimbiloski from Castor and Pollux. And they have a blog now.


Kerrilynn said...

I am so happy that you linked to my new blog, I absolutely adore your blog and store and soaps; I love it all. I read your blog everyday so I feel like I know you by now!!! So excited to see your new space, will be by soon and introduce myself. Also, I would love to sell the soaps in C&P, and someday I hope to have a flower budget that I can send straight over to you to create some beauty, you're so talented!
Please come by this weekend if you can, should be fun. And, next weekend, we are hosting a doggie adoption in the store if you feel like bringing any more four legged friends into your house!

Kate said...

Beautiful clothing, yep! There's an Australian designer called Antipodium who has done the galactic thing this year too, these photographs reminded me of their collection. The Antipodium print was simpler though, harking back to the curtains in my best friend's room when I was eight. I think that's why I liked it so much!

jezebel said...

starry night, i want to wear that dress, too