Thursday, April 30, 2009


reasons to stay in nyc:
truffle oil
crocodile jackets
gold lame
the village voice
free museums using my old bizness cards

plus you're snake plant will surely die elsewhere (jus saying)

ps. blacksburg called and said they don't have any swiss chard below the mason dixon line


jezebel said...

there's a line from tom robbins, maybe still life with woodpecker, about alligators dressed in gold lame. i can now only picture all crocodilians, including lyle lyle crocodile and alligators all around, swathed in gold lame.

do you think teepee and nea will get on as grandly as you and i? i sure hope so.

Anonymous said...

*swiss chard-- available very far below the Mason Dixon line. It even grows there! But I still support lobbying your friends to stay nearby-- :).

Abbey Goes Design Scouting said...

fairway really might be the best reason to stay! I've been reading your D*S column from the beginning but only just now discovered your blog! Love both! Abbey

j said...

but they do have red earth tofu...drool..

jennifer said...

hi. i'm the chick that's always bringing up how random it is that you know blacksburg, since its such a tiny corner of the world and NYC is a slightly larger corner of the world.(i'm a VT alum and live there now)

to add to that "its a small world after all" feeling, i'm pretty good friends with aaron's big sis. we went to school together and she and my hubs were best buds.