Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What I Did Today, by Sarah Ryhanen

Today my mooks and i ran errands around the city, relishing every English-speaking minute of it. He took me out to lunch and even paid. And not with our business card. Walking through the east village I got to practice my "I think she's famous walk" for which I sort of cling to Eric's arm and walk sort of bent over looking at the ground wearing a large pair of sunglasses. I basically have perfected it so that everyone we pass stares. Oh god please help me to have a life.*

Perhaps more interesting is the show we saw at Postmasters called "The Future is Not What it Used To Be." Love the Second Life renderings of great artist performances (Marina Abramovic, Gilbert and George) by Eva and Franco Mattes, love the digital prints by Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung:

Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung, Mohammad The Nightmare Journey , 2009

Even more interesting is the surprise I had when flipping though last months Bazaar. Have you, uhhh...seen it? No? Not had the chance? To uh...flip through? Perhaps in the hair salon? Or mmmaybe in line at the grocery? The one with...uh, you know...Helena Christensen and ED WESTWICK. FEAST MY CHILDREN:

You're Welcome.

*Not likely. Unfortunately I audibly uttered "Oh hell no" (albeit accidentally) while passing a young christian crusader passing out fliers on 14th street.


sarah said...

So HOT! Ed... not you. Although I'm sure you're quite foxy yourself. Thanks for the eye candy.

Fury said...

i'm a big fan of 'i think she's famous or otherwise powerful and impoprtant' body language.
I think it's a perfectly legitimate past-time. :)

Joanna said...

OMG Your famous walk is hysterical. Celebrities are so odd.

Michelle said...

helena never seems to age and I hate her for that! also hate that she has photo shoots with sprightly 20-somethings and could also date them if she pleased

nath said...

Oh golly, doesn't she look absolutely amazingly beautiful? *sigh*

I'm going to try that 'I think she's famous' walk in my little town, although being bent over a pushchair probably lessens the effect.

Mouse said...

Oh Ed!

Helena is lovely.

I think we need a photo of the "I think she's famous walk."


Alana said...

I know its blasphemous but I dont watch Gossip Girl (I swear I am going to someday)...however ED is so flippin hot it kinda makes me feel like I am 13 again...TEEN BOP where are you???!

I agree that there must be a photo of the "i think she's famous" pose.

Ecotruism said...

Yummy !!!

small clever rooms said...

Well now I have a new mission in life. Obtain copy of last month's Bazaar. Thanks you !