Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hello again. We are doing well, our last few days in Morocco. Eating a lot of greasy meats, which fortunately we love. So far the simplest, cheapest meals have been the best. Found ourselves in a kebab stall in the center of the Soukhs (Market stalls) yesterday (it looked a lot like the picture above) and had an excellent bowl of beans with...goat tounge? and chicken and liver kebabs. washed down with the best mint tea yet. For about $2. Things here are either very expensive or very cheap. A lot of Marrakech is tourist oriented. Authenticity is elusive.

Many of the stalls in the soukhs rely on tourists. There are tassels and carpets and simple leather shoes (babouche's), lanterns, tagines, pouffe's etc. All can be had fairly reasonably - haggling is essential. It's all rather overwhelming. Wandering though the mazes you convince yourself you need a little bit of everything. Buying things as souvenir's - just to have them makes me uncomfortable...but I have in fact left a fair amount of dirhams in Morocco.


Liane said...

Great post and pictures. Thanks for sharing. I hope to go there some day.

Anonymous said...

I had a great experience there buying...what else... a rug. I've heard (and have come to believe) that if you haggle them down to 10% of the original asking price, you've got a good deal. I managed to get my rug from $1200 to $120 and all it took was 4 hours, meeting his whole family and drinking tea. That rug is my most treasured possession.

Anonymous said...

beautiful post, thanks for sharing your adventures for us all. this is on my top "next places i must explore" list.

your experience sounds like my times living in bali. i found that my new friends loved to take me to the markets and haggle "local" prices for me... i'm definitely not a haggler although i often go with good intention of doing so. enjoy your trip!

lamandahugnkiss said...

ooooo, buy more than you think you should. you will be happy you did later on even if it makes you feel a little sick from spending like a rabid consumer.

your pictures are amazing! i am so happy for you.

Anonymous said...

Wow that is amazing experience,I always do that especially when i know that the price is low.Its sounds fun to do.