Monday, January 5, 2009

You know these cookies?
Completely void of flavor, but yet so delicious? When i was young there was a cookie counter in Macy's that we'd always walk by. As a full-fledged sugar nazi, my mother* would never let us get any. This means that now when I see them I take home several dozen and celebrate adulthood with a crumbs-flying-out-of-the-mouth feeding frenzy. I'm suprised I even put them on a plate here. But I suppose thats what blogging does to you - all of a sudden your stopping to take pictures of all your most perfect personal moments..

You know this magazine?
Getting some outtakes together now from our Martha Stewart Wedding shoot - I got a two page spread in the current issue. Like whoa, right?

*She did give me those jadeite mugs for xmas, so I suppose all is forgiven.


Janet said...

Okay, seriously, I love those cookies. My mom never let us have them either.

NS said...

I just ordered a jadeite butterdish! Martha Stewart, congratulations!

Susan said...

Is that Hot Chocolate...the kind I used to make for you FROM those beautiful jadeite mugs??