Sunday, December 7, 2008

This bouquet from yesterday's wedding is probably the neatest thing I've made. White ranunculus, sweet pea, hydrangea and astilbe

Eric downloaded a John Maus for me as a reward. (He's tired of my Vangelis repertoire.) I am listening to it now.

After a big wedding we always eat a big steak with our bear hands. (You hate me now don't you...wait - please don't go! I only eat meat 3 times a week! [Not actually true..] I consume conservatively and respect little animals! I compost!...) But alas, last night I was too exhausted to do anything except pour a stiff drink, throw on my butter, and reluctantly head out to a neighbor's holiday party where I listened to some young man talk about ACORN for 20 minutes too long. So tonight we feast. I'm going to cross myself now and head to Fairway. 


Susan said...

I'm trying to visualize 'bear' opposed to 'bare hands''s not pretty.

I love that's gorgeous. And I'm prejudice in the least.

Love you.

Anonymous said...

No worries. All I saw was "stiff drink".

Anonymous said...

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