Thursday, October 9, 2008

types of cheese in my refridgerator:
Smoked Mozzarella
Blue Cheese
Locateli romano
Cream cheese
Sweet Munchie (the last tomato sandwich of the season for lunch.)

eric makes a drink and puts my bathrobe on, ontop of his clothes. he wonders what Joe Biden would be like on a first date.


shari said...

hey sarah.

first, love this photo. ok, i have seriously sharp cheddar, cream cheese, pepper jack, and blue cheese in my fridge. hope you are having a nice evening. it was so fun to meet you in ny! xo

17 beats. said...

i have an inch by inch cube of gruyere in the fridge. pathetic.

An Hoang said...

ha! this is the comic relief i needed at the end of a long day1 :)

Anonymous said...

joseph is the cowardly lion of the wizard of oz, but in a good way. we just got pretty much the same ranunculus into the shop -- can't wait to use them (maybe with black baccaras!?)

jackie said...

first date with Biden. I would spend all evening marveling at his teeth.