Monday, September 29, 2008

Blerg. I have all these funny moments and things I want to share here, but I'm exhausted and cranky. Need a coffee. Been averaging 4-5 miles a day with this cattle dog. My hip flexors feel like rubber bands. Nea is a dream though and we're having so much fun.

Still missing Ms. P. The top picture shows the flowers we brought the vet in her honor. I walked into the bathroom the other day and there was a black towel on the floor - I thought it was her.

Was really excited to have help from Asheley yesterday - and if you didn't catch on, she'll be contributing here.

I am so behind on paperwork, I have to snap out of it and get to work on wedding bids...

More later when I don't feel like a soggy pancake...which sounds delicious actually.


ps you know that g. girl is on tonight which means I'll probably skip yoga to watch it on our 6" b&w rabbit ear'ed TV. Sure I was once one of those brooklynites that liked to brag about not having TV. Those days are over. No more lounging around in a silk kimono sipping lillet or vemouth on the rocks recalling the Regan administration or disecting Deleuze and Guattari. Instead I sit three inches from the TV on monday nights taking fashion cues from 16 year olds. I'm probably better off.

Also I had the pleasure of meeting Shari yesterday, author of The Glass Doorknob. What a lovely surprise, and a great feeling to realize the world is a bit smaller that I thought.


P said...

Oh man, I know how you feel. Looking like a soggy pancake today, and feeling like spit warmed over.

My dog Lovey died seven years ago and I still expect her at the door when I go home.

I want to be your intern! WAHHHHHHH!

autumnempire said...

I sorta welled up when I caught up present post back. tender heart, pretty flowers and I wish I could be your intern too.

Anonymous said...

we're opening our shop here in la this coming month and i want to get a shop pup too. i may have to kidnap yours so cute!

thanks for the inspiration, i love your blog (and your soaps! which btw we'll have on display at the aforementioned shop...ahhem i mean office, yes office :) :)