Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Remember the heirloom seeds I got from Tomato Bob? Patience is a virtue...and we're now reaping the bounty of Korean love apples, Mortgage lifters, Yellow Pear, Zebra, and the elusive Mexico midget. My rooftop plants are not nearly as happy as Susan's upstate (pics below) and she was kind enough to send us back with a bag of mixed.

Last night we roasted the yellow pears and tossed them with penne and ricotta and pepper flakes. Eric and I started running so we confidently carbo-load and give each other high-five's at every opportunity. Susan made a yellow pear tomato jam which takes the town. The NYT has a recipe for Tomato Jam ice cream. Can we draw a line here?

Watched Logan's Run last night. Seen it?


P said...

Look at those tomatoes! So beautiful. I wish I could grow some, but our space is too limited. I want to make that recipe in the NYT for tomato preserve, but peeling THREE POUNDS of tomatoes sounds like torture. Tomato ice cream = ICK.

Def. v. important to carbo load before AND after a run. To prevent cramping. And hunger.

17 beats. said...

i got three tomatoes out of our plants... the slow decline started after we left for "vacation". but you-- you should make some gazpacho! and i should eat it! ;-)

ps. i think it is a mosquito bite. will keep you informed.

L A M A R T I N É said...

how funny...logan's run reminds me of my brothers...do you remember the solid gold dancers? i need to look it up on ypu tube.

after the kids move out maybe i'll have time for a garden...their lookin good.

Anonymous said...

yes indeed, patience IS a virtue! i picked up some sungold cherry tomatoes, along with a jar of homemade heirloom tomato marmalade, from a russian farmer at a local tailgate market last week. of the marmalade, this is what she said to me, in her accent: "tell me vhat you sink of zis vhen i see you again. i got zee recipe from zee public television."

An Hoang said...

WOW! look at them maters!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic tomatoes! My boyfriend has a green thumb and grew a bunch of heirlooms this year. They're kinda ugly and deformed looking but they're SO good!

And Logan's Run...isn't that the movie where people have to die at age 30? Damn---I would've been dead years ago.

Anonymous said...

I just caught up on your blog. Your flower arrangements have been so beautiful lately -- can't believe my eyes.

also, i just interacted with your friend jen via work channels. funny.

hope to see you soon.


p.s. rabies spread through saliva...normally a bite.

kristina said...

love logans run almost as much as i love backyard grown heirloom tomatoes. We are knee deep in them too. isn't it the most satisfying thing to eat the food you grow???

and beautiful amazing inspiring flowers. i am a regular stalker of your blogliness. if you guys were in so. cal, we would hire you in a mexico midget (referring to your tomato variety!).