Saturday, July 19, 2008


Rumor has it the Real World will be filming in Red Hook this fall on Pier 41. Now we can look forward to film crews clogging the Fairway (better or worse than double baby strollers?) and a new breed of 20-somethings vomiting into their tube tops at The Bait and Tackle. (Thanks for the image P, I keep coming back to that one..)

[Aaron and I saw this on the street a few weeks ago. Plans for sonic repellent??]


P said...

YUCK. When will someone tell the producers of the Real World THAT NO ONE REALLY CARES and that the only good season was the first, which aired like TWELVE YEARS AGO and that everything after that was of absolutely no interest. GAH!

cassandra said...

oh gawd. i missed the season they filmed in seattle because i was in college... thank GAWD. and of course, nobody notices anything different here in hollywood. i will cross my fingers that the amount of disturbance (and disturbia) will be kept at a minimum.

PS - we need this sign in silverlake. SERIOUSLY!