Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dear Josh,

This white horse video is hilarious, and fits right into what has become the year of 80's videos round these parts; that is endless nights of Kate Bush, Fleetwood Mac and Gary Numan. I actually went record shopping yesterday with the sole intention of scoring a Kate Bush album. Pathetic.

It has just come out that my father has infiltrated my mother's netflix cue to order The Secret (the DVD). We are currently lamenting this fact in a freezing hotel room in Philadelphia. Long story.

I was very anxious today and thinking about how in college you took me out to your car, opened the trunk and handed me a copy of the book "I'm OK, Your OK."

Do you remember that?

Now you are OK. And, I think I am too...

I'm really glad you read my blog, and that we still talk, even though I didn't attend your wedding.


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Dear Sarah,