Wednesday, June 11, 2008

some curly willow roots and cymbidiums from a while back. our family cat RZA. right now i'm sitting on the floor surrounding by 32 vases of Mountain Laurel that need 1. smoke bush, 2. Paula Fey Peonies, and some other jams in order to become table arrangements for the Queens Museum tomorrow. It's eric's birthday. I have to go pick up his gift which is available on Atlantic Avenue. Maybe we will use it to make supper. He is wearing a bandanna that makes him look like a kamikazi warrior. He steps into the front to grab the tape gun. I am taking a last sip of cold coffee. it is 3:14 pm.

someday I will have more interesting blog posts.

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Anonymous said...

Eric's birthday! Holy smokes! Thank god for this blog, else I never would've known. Happy Birthday. I can't remember though, is he fifty-three or fifty-four?