Thursday, June 5, 2008

Just visited Aunt Lou's blog and found music by Rio En Medio... go to their myspace page and play Let's Groove. It's the bee's knees, or I can't stop listening to it, or it's saving me from my Marianne Faithful downward spiral.

Wrapped candles today. Ate soup. Realized Soup has no connection to Flowers. But something to do with Soap. Soup, Soap. Tricky isn't it!? Ah's the little things folks!

Did you listen to that song yet?


Susan said...

I give up. What's the connection between soap soup...and the link to Booth of the Salvation Army.

I can't type the word always comes out soap. wonder why??

imquilternity said...'s it! Thanks for the link.

Sarah Ryhanen said...

Booth had a famous saying..."Give them soup, soap and salvation" about comforting troops during WWI.

Your the librarian Suze...