Sunday, June 15, 2008

before and after

One of the busiest weeks. Pictures of flowers soon. Closed the shop today to recuperate and visit the Saipua patriarch, Pentti... Still learning how to relax, I'm lounging poolside with my laptop brainstorming flowers for our next wedding and reading this article on hypochondria that I really shouldn't. Eric is wrapping soap. Not poolside.

Fortunately there is a cocktail and an excellent meal at the end of every Saipua rainbow.


Anonymous said...

i absolutely loved the paper flowers you made for the bouquet my husband got me. thanks for the loveliness!

L A M A R T I N É said...

weddings ef me up too! i look like crap during wedding season! the things that save me are dr. hauschka's lavender bath {before and after designing} weleda skin food, and a good stiff drink.

i often have nightmares the night before i pick up the flowers at the market for a big wedding. i have three weddings this weekend so i closed my shop for walk-in sales too.

good luck to you,hang in there!
btw- i'm kimberly from La Martine {i found your soap on anthropologie and your mom told me about you + your shop. i love your work! {after the wedding madness i'm going to place my order for my sample soaps!}