Friday, June 20, 2008

the Ballet, BBG and a burrito.

This review in Monday's Times prompted me to scramble for tickets to the last performance of Bach to Glass: A Musical Odessey II, a ballet choreographed by the late Jerome Robbins. In three parts, the performance transversed solo piano and cello suites of Bach, a violin concerto by Alban Berg, and three scores by Philip Glass (whose music demands a more contemporary approach to ballet.) The last segment was the highlight for me - my first encounter with Glass transformed on stage. (I am now completely enthralled with his 1984 opera Akhnaten.)

Also we visited the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens on Tuesday (June is rose month) and ate a burrito at Buddy's.

Eric has requested that all his food be wrapped in burritos. We've had many conversations like this lately:

ME: What do you want for dinner?...How about pasta and peas?

HIM: OK, wrapped in a burrito??


Anonymous said...

sarah, you might be interested in seeing Glass perform Powaqqatsi in Prospect Park July 25. I saw it live in Seattle many many years ago. Pretty great, and I don't think it happens very often live.

Susan said...

Funny....I had a burrito today...and I SAW Buddy... and I don't mean the Burrito restaurant if you know what I mean.