Wednesday, May 14, 2008

[Red Charm Peonies from today]

I keep making the same mistake of letting 2, 3 months elapse between visits to yoga class. When the new teacher asks; "Do you have a regular practice?" I hesitate, and then spend class proud of myself that I can still get my foot behind my head. (Well not really). This, my friends, comes with obvious consequences...such as the inability to turn ones head to the left.

Also, I scratched the truck today on a garbage can parallel parking. There was a time when I was a good driver. At 16 I finagled my way down Broadway in a Dodge Daytona (a bullet!) determined to find the ultimate prom dress, snagging a parking spot in midtown without a care. At 20 I would drive my soft-top Wrangler (the equivalent of a pup-tent on wheels) ten hours from Virginia Tech to NYC like it was nothing. Now I drive to Cobble Hill like an old lady, hunched over the wheel, slowing down at green lights - distracted even by the ho-hum fashions of the neighborhood. I get lots of honking horns and a healthy array of obscenities yelled at me followed by the necessary "LADY!"

Lastly, the average Ritter SPORT has 600 calories. Which means, you could eat one in place of a meal. I just did.


P said...

Oh, how I love those peonies.

That is extremely bad news about Ritter Sport - I like how "Sport" makes me think I can eat them after a workout. That is, when I work out, which is never.

17 beats. said...

if they were any fewer calories, they wouldn't be as delcious. remember: stick with cornflakes or butter biscuit (which is probs 700!).

Parisbreakfasts said...

I'll never eat a Ritter bar again..
But these gorgeous flowers are calorie-free!
Edible? I think not...