Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I went to Gowanus nursery last week and got some incredible plants which you see below. Inspired recenctly by plants more so then by flowers, I have been testing cuttings and incoporating them into bouquets and arrangments.

I used varigated Jacob's ladder in this one. Nice right? But it seems I also have a infestation of Aphids...this happens every year and I fight them off using different methods - the dunk, the soapy solution, the expensive organic pesticide ($8 a bottle!). It takes a few weeks usually to get them under control...because they spread so quickly. And remember these little heirloom tomato seedlings I got going on?

More precious than gold (well, silver maybe) and suddenly I've become like a mother protecting her cubs. I've segregated all new plants to the back yard and wear hazmat gloves when traveling between the green zone and the infected area.

Please tell me what is your best method for keeping a container garden aphid free???


Susan said...

We can't set out the tomato plants up here until the end of May. Keep 'em healthy until then! BTW... I love the variegated in the bouquet!!

asphalt and air said...

oh my! the arrangement is breathtakingly beautiful.

T. J. said...

Ladybugs! Ladybugs are the natural answer to all your aphid problems. My mom used to run a greenhouse in the summer at my parents grocery store and bought ladybugs more than a few times at the farmers market and those little suckers went to town on those pesky aphids. Also they are very stylish what with the polka dots and all. Love your blog!