Thursday, April 24, 2008

Some old flowers from last week mixed in with some snipping from my clover plant.

Unfortunately I had to take three separate trips into Manhattan yesterday.
The first resulted in the following flowers:

Montreaux tulips. After a 8 hour flight from Holland and braving JFK customs, theses little puppies are a bit flacid. Instead of leaving them in their cuff to drink (resulting in a straight stem) I let them absorb water hanging over, which results in a stiff stem in a weeping arc.

Chamomille and a Holk flower.

Golf Ball Peony.

After the flower market I had the pleaseure of working with Virginia, a jewelry maker who is interested in flowers and wanted to try her hand at arranging -- she made this beautiful arrangement of scented geranium, tulips, frittalaria and red tip above.

The second trip was a visit to Soho House (neither a house, nor in Soho)to scope out the site of one of our June weddings. Celebrity sitings included Minnie Driver and David Schwimmer (but does he really count these days?). Approximately three elevator rides later (has anyone else had a fear of elevators since the New Yorker article?) I arrived at The Library a large room with rad bookshelf-wallpaper and some impressive leather furniture.

Third trip was a last min. delivery to Columbia Prespiterian for a friend. Every time I deliver flowers to a hospital I say never again and this time I mean it. Imagine being trapped inside a bad episode of ER (post George Clooney); people are being rushed by on stretchers DYING, you take the wrong elevator and end up in the basement. So basically you're standing in the middle of the MORGUE holding a f*%$ing ball jar of Chamomile asking where the South 17th Bay of the Kaiser Wing is.

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