Saturday, April 5, 2008

for barbara

[A little order i made this afternoon with ranuncula, anemone, arabicum, tulips, eucalyptus and astrantia.]

Today Eric announced "I HATE FLOWERS," and threw a dead helleborus at me.

We need a we'll be closing next week - reopening on April 17th. During this time off we're planning on doing things that normal people do. Do normal people get massages? Just say YES, and let me know if you have any recommendations for a NYC masseuse.

I'll post again before then --
In the meantime here are some things I looked at today:

Finishing Salt
Roasted Asperagus Soap ..i mean Soup
Ariella Flowers - always wildly beautiful flowers. She's really the top...
Design for Mankind

......I just remembered; I had a dream about Angela Landsbury last night. We were cohorts in a plot to stop developers from sabotaging an ancient Mayan ruin located on top of City Hall. (They thought there was money hidden inside.)

It didn't work, so we walked home together and I told her all my problems.



Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, interesting dream with Angela Lansbury. Question: was it a young Angela or old Angela? Just wondering. I always think of her in the role of the teapot in Beauty and the Beast.

Funny that Eric was so cranky about flowers. Just in time for the start of wedding season! He must've just been coming down from the excitement of yesterday's basketball game.

Have a lovely break...definitely get a massage!

marie said...

i guess everyone gets sick of it all sometimes..a break sounds like fun, and a massage never hurt :)

Sarah Ryhanen said...

it was landsbury c. Murder She Wrote.
i forgot she was the voice of the tea pot...

amy said...

Sarah, go to Providence Day Spa on Atlantic. Make an appointment WITH PROVIDENCE (the owner), whatever day she is available. Get the herbal infusion massage. Enjoy your vacation.

Anonymous said...

you so kindly tucked a bouquet of sophisticated orange and green parrot tulips, white (tea?) roses and some kind of elegant green chandelier buds,tiny purple and yellow tulip family? into the wicker basket of my bicycle-I was drawn over to your brooklyn flea market booth, by the extremely romantic (and at the same time comfortable) flowers on the table, and then drawn in further still by the extreme beauty of the saipua packaging and products, and of course by your friendly manners. it is no small matter to bring the roses to a bread and roses existence. I am profoundly grateful.wishing you all the blessings of success and if we cross paths at the flea market again, i will happily provide on the spot back and neck massage:)
thank you again!

LBM said...

I love jacqui at opal massage on 5th avenue. she does all sorts of wonderful things with heated buckwheat pillows and hands that can push hard or be really relaxing.