Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Playing still with the leftover flowers from last week this morning. This little bird vase is sweetly creepy. Gonna bring it (and it's twin sister) to the Brooklyn Flea this Sunday. Hope some of you will stop by and introduce yourselves!! Eric and I have to boogie and get some things together...we're planning on selling soap, small bouquets, and a selection of the best do-dads.

Below are some shots of the purple sample re-worked this morning with peach and orange ranuncula. These ranuncula from NJ open to reveal the most beautiful yellow center - unlike those from Holland.


P said...! I'm missing the Brooklyn Flea this weekend because I'll be away. Bummer. I love the little bird vase with the wee bouquet. Lovely.

P.S. The other day Fauxhawk made a confession to me. He said that despite the fact that he's a boy, he is not ashamed to say that he really, really likes Saipua's rooibos tea soap, which we have just run out of. We'll be back for more...

Anonymous said...

oh geez that's gorgeous! Have fun at the BKLN flea! let me know if you see any goodies I need to know about : )

loupita said...

That is gorgeous. I think I'd like to have something like this as a wedding bouquet. :)

Anonymous said...

It was so nice meeting you at the brooklyn flea market! I'll keep in touch about our wedding! Your blog is so beautiful!


Anonymous said...

i love these bouquets! it almost makes me wish that i was getting married in ny..

(go red sox! :P)

- christine