Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dear Mom,

Windham Fabrics, Dorothy, Black Birds 27189-1 (At Purl Fabrics)
Welcome back from your vacation to the American South West. I hope you visited lots of pueblos, Kivas, and Area's 51. I hope you drank tequila (i know you) ate tacitos and had your shakras read with ancient crystals. More importantly, did you bring me back anything??

Things here were fine while you were away. I enjoyed a few days lounging around at your house (lounging in this instance includes turning over your vegetable garden). Actually, Mom, they are not so fine; we really need to talk about your kitchen curtains. I was recently reminded of this pertinent issue when I came across a set of unfortunate fabric swatches, which I assume were garnered from the local 'designer' at Wallhauer. Let it be said here I understand there are limited options for fabric in the Hudson Valley. However, before making a rash decision I think we should plan a visit to Purl fabrics together. And then eat at Blue Hill. On the business.

Alexander Henry, Sweetheart Bandana, Pink 6822AR
Lecien, My Folklore, Orange Wildflower 3656OR

Kokka Fabrics, Ouka, Red Flower Circles JA30060-62a Lecien, My Folklore, Green Birds 3617G

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Anonymous said...

eat at blue hill on the business. HA. love it.