Friday, March 28, 2008

This little arrangement I made together with Courtney of Heart Explosion yesterday. What a treat to have company -- and excellent talent to collaborate with! This contains hellebores, tulips, lucedendron, eucalyptus, astrantia, and ranuncula.

It has been so nice meeting new people through this little corner of the blogosphere. Adjusting to full-time life at our shop has been tough for me - it can be very isolating. It's nice to come to this space and visit yours. It reminds me there are lots of you out there doing interesting things on your own and with others and in some small way we are connected.


small stump said...

a nice thought-i feel the same way.

marie said...

i like the little bits of mauve..what is it? and your new header is so springy!

Sarah Ryhanen said...

hey marie -- the little bits of mauve are astrantia