Friday, March 21, 2008

on content.

My phone has been full of text messages for the past 2 weeks. It only keeps 25 at a time. Texts cost me 10 cents a piece. Write me a text - that's 10 cents. "OK" ... 10 cents. When you suffer from phone phobia, texting is handy. Really handy. And then you have something to transcribe in your blog when A. you have no content and B. your at home on a Friday night listening to dudes discuss He-Man: Masters of the Universe.

1. There are dozens of us...dozens!


3. Are there any parks near your house?

4. Lets just meet at eyebeam bc everyone here wants to bolt at 6.

5. Would love to what time and whats your address?

6. What's anne rices pseudonymn?

7. dude! Spitzer might resign. involved in a prostitution ring. ck the times

8. j'arrive-saw u by the window from the plane in something more comfortable

9. call me if you want to hang out2day. maybe u have 2 do food and wine stuff

10. Ok

11. Just getting up

12. im at my gate. 2 hrs till boarding. can we smoke in here?

13. poppies

14. poppies

15. Eli told you shes cooking for Aaron as well, if hed like to join tonight

16. 530?

17. OK.

18. Watching a movie. I dont do coffee. Where do you want to meet?

19. Can it be early?

20. Want to meet tonight?

21. Ok - will you be there after 5?

22. I wasnt born yesterday

23. like houdini.

24. April 8 1980

25. Baltimore city 10:04 pm

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marie said...

so funny! nice idea for a story too don't you think?