Wednesday, March 5, 2008

everyone knows its Windy.

Windy and stormy this morning as Eric takes off to visit headquarters upstate. I'm staying behind to meet with a lady about some wedding flowers, spray paint some things silver for a Christmas Tree (i'll explain why next week), and generally enjoy having the place to myself.

This amazing picture comes from my new friend Barbara. One of the many pleasures of running a small business is meeting folks in far flung places with setups so different from ours - but with similar motivations. I've been learning all about Barbara's farm, Pine Ridge Orchids, and the fragile ecosystem of the Everglades -- and am gearing up to share it here this weekend.

What else do I want to mention this morning....OH YES, I think I'm making a delivery in Williamsburg tomorrow afternoon (Thursday) -- so I'll do free delivery for anyone in the 'burg. Just email or call before 1pm tomorrow.


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