Friday, February 15, 2008

Oh brother, I'm beat today. Yesterday went swimmingly, and thats all I can say right now. I hope some of you got some lovely treats from your significant others. I loved meeting them all!

I was pretty worthless around the shop today. Unless you count the 30 min. I spent surfing Myspace. Wow. My cure is going to be a pan of brownies, The Maytrees, and then The Passenger. Not necessarily in that order.
Happy Friday everyone.


p.s. I wanted to say how nice it is to hear your compliments...We started the flower side of Saipua on a whim a year and a half ago, just sorta learning as we go. Your encouragement is such a lovely support.

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Anonymous said...

The Maytrees is on my list of books to read....if you have a copy can I borrow it when you're finished?

(and I'll return The Secret History)