Monday, February 25, 2008

The last of the purple flowers... I snapped this picture early this morning in bright sun. That's a lilac in there...but a hybridized one from Holland. They grow them straight and tall with no scent. It's the first time I've gotten them for the shop and probably the last. A flower with no smell feels like a defeat.

It's been a busy few days here. We've had company in town and just a lot of things going on I suppose. Today I felt the need to be alone all day long. My yogi said yesterday 'we need to remember to turn some of our compassion inwards, before we can be truly compassionate outwards.' Unfortunately, I had avoided yoga for 6 weeks, and now regardless of compassion, cannot lift my arms above my head.


This is a shot of Brazilian artist Lygia Clark's Cabe├ža colectiva (Collective Head) at WACK! (on view at PS1) an exhibition which has garnered loads of attention as it tours around the country, afloat on the recent buoyancy which Feminism has enjoyed in the cultural zeitgeist. Basically visitors build the 'head' from objects and notes they adhere to a simple hanging structure. The work is about collectivity. As active participants in authorship, the public creates and alters the art - a stark contrast to the rigid [and...male] authorship standards of Modernism [where one artist creates a masterpiece and you better not touch it].

The clinching moment for me was finding this note stuck in amongst the other detritus and ephemera:

It is moments like these that help to remind me how funny life is.

See you soon,


P said...

How strange to create an odorless lilac when it's their heady scent that make them so appealing...

I love that little note. We can't all be beautiful, inside or out - what a relief that is!

Solar Oven said...

I love that note too - although your blog just happens to be the most beautiful thing I have chanced upon in blog-land during 2009 ...