Friday, February 22, 2008

cranky pants cure-all's

- listening to Rick James on repeat
- one piece of lemon poundcake plus half of Eric's afternoon cookie
- 4 cups of coffee
- buying stuff online
- burning sage
- radio lab season premiere on laughter
- forcing the cat to dance to rick james


In other news, we got our test candles back yesterday. Real good stuff; the two we're going with are very different - one is sweet and floral, the other dark and mossy. I'll share the details next week when I figure out what to call them.

Oh sh**, the cat just drooled on the computer...

I hope your weekend is full of sleep, adventure, dry socks, spaghetti and love. And I hope you don't have to go to Williamsburg for a birthday party in the rain. And I hope you finish your thesis one week and 3 days early.



Anonymous said...

mmm. lilacs!

kokliko said...

Hi Sarah :)
just recently discovered saipua (a friend brought me one of your soaps all the way to Portugal ;) and wanted to congratulate you on a beatifull and inspiring blog.
Your latest pics got me curious as i'd love to know what those spiral looking flowers are... ty!

Anonymous said...

Ahh, finishing my thesis early would be lovely. I was hoping for this too but I'm stuck on my literature review. So I have a feeling this weekend will be all about little sleep but I will have dry socks unless I step into the puddle that Pivo makes when he plays with his water dispenser. Crazy cat.

I was drawn to the curly things in your latest arrangements too, what are they?

Have a good weekend, hope the snow doesn't slow you guys down too much.


Sarah Ryhanen said...

Albane - those are Fiddlehead ferns and thankyou for the kind words!

Gale - the snow is a drag but Eric is bouncing all over town anyway with John who is visiting till tuesday. i'm stuck manning the shop while he and john blow their money all over town, or really...just at the Donut Plant. hi to joey.