Thursday, January 24, 2008


here's my winter whites III. I've just spent 1 hour trying to manipulate a photo to make lightning bolts come out of an image of napolean's was so neat-looking in my head... anyway I found this pretty image of the forest taken around christmas time which will have to do for today. what I should have done was take a picture of the backs of my hands which are ashen lately from winter weather and too much bleach..

another whitish picture of a little flower eric must have pressed in the dictionary last year. I came across this book under a pile of saipua junk in back today and found a slew of pressed leaves and flowers inside. they are incredibly delicate and lovely, and I was touched at how meticulously he pinned them between the pages. one of the many reasons I love him so much.

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j said...

that top photo is a fantastic image (as in unrestrainedly fanciful and extravagant. also, superb and remarkable.)

just in case the definition is covered in flowers ;)