Monday, January 28, 2008

Orange-you-glad you don't have email problems like I do?

I'm at that point in computer-related frustration where I feel like I am loosing my marbles. SMTP? it = Some Monkey-Trained Personnel who put us on hold for so long the phone battery died and we were back to square one.

On another note, we bought ranunculus this weekend for the shop and I forgot how crazy I am about this flower, it is so perfect in every way; delicate yet durable, often lasting up to 2 weeks.

And that is an artichoke friends. If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me if you could eat the artichoke after the flowers wilted I'd be -- well I would have a few bucks I guess.

And it seems I'm too cranky to be blogging today, so I'll quite while I'm ahead. Much love to all your patience with my slow responses to your emails.

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mansuetude said...

..hey, i loved your post! i was on the phone with a robot computer trying to get my internet working yesterday... all the wires are like the tangled thoughts of all the people in the world, all knotted up and heavy! i was so mad, too... SMTP (simply meant to piss-people off!!) its code to keep the power in their pockets!

Lovely, lovely flowers... i love flowers...we are so flower, humans.