Saturday, January 19, 2008

Enough little woodland creatures and cute mossy covered flower patches where Bambi comes a'trotting or whatever it is little deer do...and onto dragons, smoke & mirrors, 1940's Shanghi, chrysanthamums, lacquer, the color red, Blade Runner, fans, acute angles, opium...

The good news is I snagged this beautiful vintage ceramic dragon from Coco+Kelly's etsy shop a few days ago (and am thinking about that set of Ming+Ling bookends). The bad news is somebody sniped this fantastic serpent necklace from me on Ebay yesterday. I should have entrusted it to Susan, she snipes like a bandit.

So we've poured 30 bars of Dragon's Blood soap, a scent blended with amber, patchouli, jasmine and vanilla. It'll be in the shop February 1 and is intended for your bloody valentine!

I need to leave here right now, but wanted to share that I am listening to This Mortal Coil It'll End in Tears over and over again today - I love this album so much.

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