Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm 27 years old and still do my laundry at my parents house. Thats right, I said it! ...It actually makes sense when you consider the cost and general lack of ambiance of the Red Hook laundromat options and when you factor in the necessary transport of soap from there (the Hudson Valley) to here. It does, however, mean that I have been wearing stockings instead of socks all week; not a comfortable situation if your winter shoes are canvas converse sneakers and it's sleeting every other day.

Laden with soap and clean clothes I drove back to the city to deliver an order to Leontine - the sister shop of Albertine and Claudine. These stores are phenomenal, have you been? GO - and go first to Leontine, my favorite of the three, and spend sometime lallygagging in the seaport, which if you turn a blind eye to the Jcrew, Brookstones and other atrocities of consumer mediocrity - actually retains a wealth of old world charm.

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