Monday, December 3, 2007


A lethargic and strange day upstate "working" and eating bowls of chili every hour on the hour. Except when I took a break to run to Staples, and spent a good 3 or 4 min. distracted by playing with a "That Was Easy" button. I wonder what the carbon footprint is of a That-Was-Easy button. Jeeze. Ooh, I want to mention the notorious ginger cake I finally mother has been trying to get the perfect recipe by combining three. Its pretty damn good as is, but when all the tweaking is done I'm going to test it, and will share it with yall.

I spent some time online today blog-surfing I guess you'd call it, checking out all sorts of creative kids and their projects. How fascinating it is that you can connect dot-to-dot through blogs and artists websites while recognizing threads of influence.

One time I navigated to a woman's blog (I can't find it now) while in search of how to quick-soak dried beans. She was a young mother in Oregon, very religious and very health conscious. I read back through her blog for an hour, enthralled by her lifestyle and all the details of her family which she openly shared. I don't remember now if I ever made bean soup that night.

But anyway, let me ask you this: Do you like Stevie Nicks? How about red Lee Press-on Nails?
Watch this:

Now, having just convinced myself not to cut all my hair off, I am sitting listening to Tusk with Aaron, more specifically to 'Beautiful Child' on repeat. It drives me crazy, all husky and lovely and haunting..


Anonymous said...

when i was a tot i used to ask women if their nails were Lee Press-On Nails while standing in line with my mom at the grocery store. i love the idea of nails coming in a BOX.

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