Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Today I spent some serious time perusing the racks at Barnes and Noble on Court Street looking for inspiration and catching up on celebrity gossip. The inspiration is for the remaking of our retail's been a while since we turned everything upside-down and rearranged. I've been sneaking peaks at various 'inspiration walls' as they are called. People cut and paste images to provide the colors, patterns, objects and general aesthetes for their creative practices. I said to Eric, lets GET one of those!

Actually we know better. The pages collect dust in our space and I forget to look at it. I am better situated in front of the computer with access to THIS kind of inspiration. Whoa.

Since I've been sabbatical-ing from the artworld, I've not only had much more time to focus on Saipua, but also for the pleasures of aimless walking and serious cooking. [A few days ago I tried to go to the Met, and, forgetting they are closed Mondays, spent the afternoon sleeping in the park on Cedar Hill.] The cooking bit you see here is a chard and raisin quiche adopted from this double crusted version. Really, really good for breakfast actually.

These here are our moth letterpress notecards we recently printed with Greenwhich Letterpress, (a team of sisters who are incredibly accommodating). Our wholesale customers have seen them in the flesh as we used them to announce our new Geranium line. What is left of the run we tied up with suede ribbon in sets of 8.


Anonymous said...

This is the best blog I've read all week. Well done!

Pink of Perfection said...

serious cooking and aimless walking -- not to mention falling asleep in the park -- sound more than a little bit like heaven.