Friday, November 16, 2007

I did my best to enjoy the last vestiges of fall this weekend with a jaunt in Prospect Park and lots of gold spray paint. Via Martha's suggestions, I've learned that gold spray paint can be applied to practically anything in order to accomplish a certain 14 karat hue. Next I'm trying it on Southern Magnolia leaves, Eric's winter coat and the streets of Red Hook. De-gentrify that!

The Grand Army Plaza farm market was abuzz with slopers hustling to get every last free range turkey and fingerling on their Thanksgiving dinner shopping lists. We are fortunate enough not to be cooking this Thursday, so we fought our way through to the apple vendor to get sugar donuts and hot cider which proved to be a great snack for the people/dog watching that ensued.


Anonymous said...

mmm, 14 karat gold donuts....

Anonymous said...

thank yoummmbet