Thursday, July 31, 2008

We just got back tonight from 36 hours in and about Philadelphia. It's funny the situations we repeatedly find ourselves in; and overall its these scenarios that make up for our missing business plan...yesterday we drove 600 lbs of soap to a small cornfield town outside of Philly.
We generally don't make business trips without the promise of a nice meal, so we camped in Philadelphia for the night and lucked out with some excellent food at a little restaurant called Pumpkin. (Joy at Oh Joy was so kind to recommend some extraordinary places where reservations were unfortunately unattainable at 5pm the night of...fingers crossed we'll have to repeat this trip again soon).

This Jeep along the way is my dreamboat. I had intended for this post to be much more funny, but I'm exhausted from the road...tomorrow we start up with flowers again after a month long hiatus. I'll share pics, and also fill you in on this morning's visit to Terrain.

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